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22 November 2023
The deadline for submissions is 31st October, 2023. Nominate Now



To nominate your companies or an individual for the Middle East Consultant Awards 2023, please follow these guidelines in order to be considered by the judging panel. All submissions are required to meet the specified criteria in order to be considered for an award.

First of all, when is the deadline to submit all nominations?

Deadline for nomination submission is 31st October 2023.

Is the award for regional activities?

The Middle East Consultant Awards covers the entire Middle East and North Africa region. Companies operating within this region will be eligible for nomination.

Who can submit a nomination?

Any authorised person from within a consultancy can nominate the company, or an individual working for-or-with that company, for an award. All nominations must be via the nomination form

Are there different criteria for each category?

The criteria for the different categories can be found here:

Can you give me any advice on submitting my nomination?

You can enter the Middle East Consultant Awards either by submitting the nomination form and attachments, or by sending a link to a video entry.

If submitting a video:
You can submit by sending –

  • A Hyperlink
  • A One Drive link
  • WeTransfer file
  • Link to You Tube channel

If submitting a nomination form:
Please submit the nomination form accurately and completely. Stick to the described word limits and follow the criteria instructions for each category section as closely as possible. It is important that you provide concise information about the organisation, project or individual you are nominating. Focus on explaining what you’re doing and why you deserve to win. We know your companies, we work with your companies, so keep the introductions to a minimum, and focus on getting the crucial bits of information across. It’s helpful to include statistics, numbers and data to demonstrate impact and show progression. If you need help or advice when completing the form, please use the contact details listed. Make sure to source the necessary permissions from partners etc. when submitting for project awards.

Will every group that is nominated receive an award?

The winner for each award is chosen by an independent panel of judges, drawn from across the Middle East construction industry. While there is only one winner per category, the judges do recognise two further nominations with a ‘highly commended’ recognition. This will be announced on the night of the awards, prior to the winner being revealed.

What supporting documentation should I provide?

While you must fill up your nomination form via the website, you will also be able to upload supporting documentation and images prior to submitting the form. Once you hit submit, all attached documentation and files, along with your completed nomination form, will be uploaded to our secure servers.

What happens after I upload my nomination?

Should your nomination be successful, you will receive an automatically generated confirmation email. Please check both your regular email and junk mail folders, as sometimes, spam filters may stop this email. If you feel that there might be a problem with your nomination upload, please contact the editorial team at Middle East Consultant. However, we will not be able to discuss any nominations while it is up for consideration or if it does not succeed in making the final list.

Can I send extra information with my nomination?

All your relevant information for your nomination MUST be included when you submit your nomination form online. Your nomination will only be judged by the information you have uploaded and submitted. If any extra information is required, we will directly contact the relevant company or individual that has been nominated.

Can I tell someone that they have been nominated?

Yes, of course! In fact, we may even contact them to clarify or follow up on nominations.

What will a successful nominee receive if they are chosen by the judges?

Each winner at the Middle East Consultant Awards will receive a custom designed trophy engraved with the winner’s details and extensive press coverage in both print and online media, along with social media coverage on the night.

How can we nominate?

The 2023 Middle East Consultant Awards have a number of different categories that you can submit a nomination for. Nominating is a simple, four-step process that you can prepare in advance for by looking at the steps and screenshots below.

Step 1

Once you’ve clicked the ‘Submit your Nomination’ dropdown link, you’ll be taken to the welcome screen. Take note of the information here, as it provides tips on what to include in your nomination.

Step 2

Here, you’ll need to put in your details, so we can add you to our database and contact you, should you be shortlisted for any of the categories that you’ve nominated for. Please ensure the details you enter are accurate.

Step 3

It’s now time to nominate. Choose the award that you’d like to nominate for and complete the form accordingly. In the ‘Reason for Nomination’ box, focus on why you think the nomination is worthy of recognition. The ‘Summary of Achievement’ box can be used to highlight key points related to the nomination, while the ‘Submission Description’ box gives you the opportunity to go into greater detail about your nomination.

Step 4

Here, you have the opportunity to attach supporting documentation with your nomination. If, for example, you are nominating for the ‘Architectural Company of the Year’ award, you can include testimonial letters from clients.

To select a category to nominate for, please click here.

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